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In 1981 a legend was born. The city of Sturgis residents vote whether or not to abolish the Sturgis bike rally and banish the hundreds of thousands of annual attendees.  The rally barely survives by a slim margin, but the mayor of Sturgis kicks bikers out of City Park anyway stating its time to “get the riff-raff out of town.”  A new welcoming place was needed if the rally was to survive.  This is when Rod “Woody” Woodruff stepped in and the Legendary Buffalo Chip was born.

During the Sturgis motorcycle rally, it’s a concert venue for top artists, an art gallery, a 10-day party, a veterans memorial, a 600 acre camp site and a class reunion for friends from around the country. Since then millions of people from all over the world have visited the Buffalo Chip which made the Chip one of the best known biker brands in the world.  Sturgis is the worlds largest bikers rally thanks to the Buffalo Chip and the Buffalo Chip is the largest biker music festival in the world.  Movie Stars, Rock Stars and Country Stars go to the Chip to hang out with Woody. 

Woody, aspiring to build on the legendary reputation of the Buffalo Chip has commissioned the creation of a world class whiskey.  A whiskey and brand that continues the legacy of a lifestyle of adventure.  In the spirit of the Buffalo Chip, in 2019 another Star is born…Buffalo Chip American Whiskey.


Outstanding spirits that show refinement, finesse, and complexity; these winners are among the best examples of their categories.




Harnessing this spirit, we made our Buffalo Chip American Whiskey by sourcing the finest ingredients and purest water this great land has to offer. Blending the contents of hand selected barrels of bourbon and whiskey from around the country, we created a blend that’s smooth, yet complex. 


With notes of butterscotch and caramel, it’s sweet while still allowing the bold spice of rye to shine through. Towards the finish, you will find the mellow oaky and vanilla notes from the perfectly aged bourbon. It’s the perfect marriage of flavors and will leave you with something to talk about, long after you have taken your last sip of this Great American Whiskey!



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